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Customized for you only at Bella Nella
Includes blow dry and style

The treatment starts...

1. DIAGNOSES | During the "Red Carpet Ready" Hair Treatment we start by diagnosing your primary and secondary hair and scalp needs by selecting the appropriate combination of active ingredients to heal your hair and scalp.
2. CLEANSE | Hair is bathed and massaged with your prescribed Kerastase shampoo. We recommend the shampoo not only according to your hair fiber but also with regard to the comfort and condition of your scalp. We believe a healthy root is the key to healthy hair.
3. TWO-STEP CURE TREATMENT | Step 1: The customized Fusio-Dose Treatment is applied to your scalp and hair. The Fusio Doses are a blend of highly concentrated active ingredients that address multiple hair needs.
Step 2: In order to heal the hair from the core we layer the Fusio treatments with multiple ultra-nourishing Kerastase Masques. Finalizing step 2, we finish with an expert massage to deliver a complete hair transformation.
4. K-MIST MACHINE | Our K-Mist machine is similar to an advanced facial for your hair. The micro molecule steam opens the cuticle of your hair while simultaneously nourishing the scalp and the hair fiber from inside out. This indulging Kerastase treatment will soothe your senses and leave your hair feeling healthy and rejuvenated.
Wrap the perimeter of the scalp with the hair wrap to protect the forhead skin from the heat. Click Manual, it will show 5 minutes for extremely damagaed and dry hair add two minutes more. Steam will start in one minute. Look for the blinking button showing the PH. After the treatment follow:
For oily scalp: Re-shampoo only the scalp with Bain Capital Force
For Fine, thin hair: Bain Volumifique ROOT ONLY.
5. PRIME & STYLE | To set the foundation for the highest level of ultimate protection against heat and mechanical damage, we apply customized primers on towel-dried hair before applying the optimal styling products. These Kerastase styling products provide a finishing touch that shapes style with long lasting hold and memory with natural movements.
6. HOME MAINTENCE | To maintain and extend your optimal hair condition after your "Red Carpet Ready" Hair Treatment, we prescribe an at-home three step program, which cleanses, treats, and protects your specific hair needs between salon visits.
Follow the needs assessment.
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